Cultured Marble Bathtub and Its Pros and Cons

If you like to decorate your bathroom at home then choosing a stone bathtub from Marblebee Ltd will be a great choice. You can also get bathtubs made out of natural stone such as marble.

Marble is quite strong and hard, and also they are available in many different attractive colors.  The naturally occurring colors and pattern can always make the marble a right option for exclusive home.

Now let us see what are the pros and cons of choosing marble as a material for your bathtub.

Few pros

1. As already mentioned above that marble is available in a good range of distinctive colors and styles that will allow you for customization.

2. Marble bathtubs can either be a natural marble or cultured marble. Usually, natural marble bathtubs are created by artisans. Any cultured marble tub is however a manufactured product where limestone and polyester resin is used for giving marble appearance.

Both options will offer customized bathtubs that will be comfortable to use.

1. Because of the beauty of marble stone, it will be a beautiful addition to your bathroom, which can offer a luxurious and elegant feel.

2. Marble is very well known for offering a glossy polished finish. You can get them in a range of a few rich colors that will suit the decor of your different bathroom style.

3. By choosing a sleek black colored marble bathtub, which is a completely neutral color may need less maintenance as compared to light-colored marble bathtubs.

Few cons

1. A marble bathtub will need consistent maintenance, and have unique cleaning needs, and is among the costlier materials for a bathtub.

2. The discoloration is another concern with marble, particularly with white marble tubs, as over time it can develop little yellow stains.

3. Natural marble is soft and porous. That may easily develop scratches. So, users have to be more careful and keep the whole surface dry and clean to avoid such complications.

4. Marble bathtubs may also respond to a thermal shock. If the marble becomes very hot due to water temperature then cracks may also occur.