Creating modern spaces with an old favorite: The Hans Wegner Wing Chair

The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is definitely an oldie but goldie. Designed in 1960s by the genius Hans Wegner, this chair was revived and manufactured again from 2006 onwards. It’s definitely a timeless classic that everyone falls in love with. Coupled with its great ergonomics and stylish form, you’ll love what this chair can bring to any space. So further, we’ll be looking at all the ways that you can emulate this stunning chair creating modern luxury home:

1. A sleek transitional area


Modern interior design pays a lot of attention to transitional spaces. The corridors, foyers, lobbies, etc. are all furnished according to their size and theme so that no space feels like it’s been ignored. You can feature a mismatched pair of a Hans Wegner Wing Chair along with any other type of similarly trendy chair to furnish an empty transitional space. This image certainly features an excellent example and can be used as an inspiration for whatever kind of a similar area that you want to design.

2. Bold and brightly colored


The design of the Hans Wegner Wing Chair is perfectly elegant and sophisticated. It’s also timeless enough to pull off every single colored upholstery that you dress it in – even the overly vibrant ones. The lime yellow Hans Wegner Wing Chair in this image acts as a bright, bold, and fun accent piece that provides a creative splash of color in an understated ambiance!

3. Foreground element


These days, accent chairs are all about sprucing up the foreground while framing whatever you’ve got in the background. This image showcases a good example of this phenomenon. They grey Hans Wegner Wing Chair sets the tone for whatever’s inside the room, while also acting as the key element that highlights the overall tastefulness of the ambiance.

4. The reading corner


The reading corner can be a place to both, unwind and get some work done depending on where you design it. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is the perfect piece of furniture to create such a space. It’s got a relaxed back that allows you to lean back with ease. The arms are at the perfect height for resting your elbows, and with a nice footstool, you can just sink in the seat at the best angle and get your groove on.

5. The requisite empty corner


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is the perfect solution for filling up that one empty corner in every single home. The artistic frame and statement-worthy vibe of the chair are enough to enliven the empty corner. And if you feel like the chair itself is too plain, then you can definitely feature some great add-ons like cushions, throws, and other decorative items on top of it. You can even personalize the fabric of the upholstery to make it more charismatic and visually appealing. Do remember: contrast is the key element here. Therefore, always make sure that the overall presence of the chair contrasts with whatever’s in the background.

This is how you can design gorgeous new spaces with an old favorite furniture piece. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is definitely worth the hype and always makes a great addition to any space.