Covid-19 and Carpet Cleaning

Though cleaning was a daily part of our life, a pandemic showed us its true importance. Covid-19 showed that cleaning is not enough unless we take care of germs and other disease causing factors. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became a regular thing to wash and sanitize things we use on a daily basis. But there are still a few things which get overlooked possibly by us all. One such thing is the carpet that we use at home. A carpet faces too much throughout the day like muddy feet, spilled coffee, and food crumbs. These cause viruses and bacteria to settle into the carpets. This can cause serious health problems to the family members including the pets as well. During this pandemic, it has become more than necessary to clean the carpets properly to ensure the safety of people in your home.


We all became too much acquainted with words like sanitization and disinfecting. Possibly for many of us, these two words hold interchangeable meanings. But there are very clear differences between these two processes. Disinfecting is strictly applicable for non-porous hard surfaces while sanitization is for porous surfaces. The pores of the carpet collect stains, dirt, and germs. The very first step of sanitizing is to clean the surface properly. This cleans the pathogens that hide under the dust and dirt before sanitizing. Hiring a professional from will help to take better care of your carpets.

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Using the right vacuum

It is necessary to use the right vacuum to keep a carpet healthy and clean. The HEPA filters trap dust, pathogens, and allergens including viruses, and never release them back into the air. It is necessary to change the filters timely for better results. Professionals choose the vacuum according to the condition of the carpet. If you choose to clean and sanitize your carpets, it is better to hire professional services.