Common List of Plumbing Myths That You Should Not Believe

Currently, plumbing systems play a crucial role in the functionality of the homes. However, they are always pictured in the wrong way. Misinformation can result in costly repairs and useless plumbing systems. The plumbing company Balch Springs often meets common errors. These can cause difficulties for homeowners. The article counters plumbing myths that experts have debunked.

1.  Myth – Flushable Wipes Are Safe for Sewage

Disposing of flushable wipes in the toilet is a usual myth. These wipes do not decay like toilet paper. This is even though they are sold as flushable.

Reality –

It has been found that flushable wipes are the top cause of blocked sewage lines and sewage system failures. These wipes do not break down rapidly. It can mix with other dirt to produce huge, hard blockages.

2. Myth – A Little Oil Down the Drain Would not Hurt –

Another typical myth is that it is okay to dump oil down the kitchen sink. Many people assume that running hot water with dish soap will resolve that. It will keep grease from clinging to the pipes.

Reality –

Grease is one of the most typical reasons for blocked drains. While hot water may slightly melt the oil, it gradually cools and solidifies farther down the pipes. This causes accumulation and obstructions. The plumbing company Balch Springs Pros recommends collecting grease in a container and dumping it away.

3. Myth – Cleaners Placed in Tank Can Keep Your Toilet Clean –

These cleaners are advertised as an easy way to keep your toilet clean and fresh. However, they can cause more harm than help.

Reality –

Plumbing professionals advise against using in-tank cleaners. They can harm the rubber and plastic parts of your toilet tank. Regular exposure to the chemicals can cause these parts to break out early on. This will result in leaks and repairs.

The Closing Take –

Knowing the truth about common plumbing myths might help you maintain an effective and easy plumbing system. You may avoid costly plumbing problems with the plumbing company Balch Springs. Mesquite Plumbing will ensure that your home’s plumbing system runs properly by following these tips. Consult with experienced plumbers at our end today.