Best insecticides for your home

Insects are ever-present in today’s society. With the introduction of infested areas such as woody plants and cesspools, these arthropods have infiltrated our homes. Now, licensed pest control professionals warn that homeowners need to stop tolerating the potential risk and start immediately taking action against these unwanted guests. So what are some of the best means to keep insects away? Here is a list of typical insecticides you can use at home to eliminate various types of pests.

1. Ant Dusts

Ants are a common sight in most homes, and they can be pretty pesky. One of the best ways to get rid of this insect is through ant dust, which uses ant stomach poison powder to eliminate that colony. This time-release method may not kill the entire colony instantly, but it does get rid of them slowly over time. Just place the dust in their trails and pathways at night. Since these ants only come out at night, this process will work well for you; for example, reclaim it insecticide.

2. Fly Traps

Getting rid of flies is best done with fly traps. These are great for eliminating this insect because it doesn’t require you to kill them on contact. Instead, it uses a layer of glue that efficiently traps them inside until they eventually die from dehydration. You can place this in the corner of your home where there are a lot of flies and find out within days how effective it is.

3. Roach Baits

Roaches have long been one of the most resilient insects, but there are ways to get rid of them. Roach baits work by introducing yeast into the colony and then creating a sticky surface that traps them in various places. Roaches are pretty small, so it is easy to trap them as they hide in different rooms of your house. Just place this on the underside of tables, counters, and carpets and see how quickly they disappear. The best method is roach bait, which uses a roach anticoagulant that kills all stages of the insect through dehydration over time.

4. Flea Bombs

Fleas are a common pest that doesn’t get the attention they deserve. These insects can be pretty annoying because they are small and can move around very quickly. One of the best means to eliminate fleas is through a flea bomb, which throws out some fumigant into all areas of your home. These fumigant sacks have a slight odour, but they will eventually dissipate. You’ll notice that the fleas disappear shortly afterwards due to their body chemistry relying on direct contact with air to breathe.

5. Repellants

Sometimes pests can be repelled effectively by setting up a few repellants around your home. This can speed up getting rid of them because you won’t have to worry about having to exterminate everything that moves around your home if you have these decoys. The only drawback is the cost involved, but it is still reasonably inexpensive when you look at the multiple uses for this type of product.