Benefits Of Brema Ice Maker

Ice makers are very important for the hospitality business. Under counter, ice makers are mostly used in food-related business. Based on the type of drainage system under counter ice makers are divided into two types. They are inbuilt drainage pump ice makers and gravity drain ice makers. Make sure that there is some form of drainage system near the ice makers since the water must be removed constantly. Water from the ice makers is mostly removed during the defrost cycle. If you do not have a drainage facility near the ice maker then the drain pump ice maker is the best choice.

The main problem with the under counter ice maker is the drainage system. Most of the manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the drainage system. So if you have a problem with the ice maker’s drainage system you should pay for the service. So the experts always recommend buying drain pump ice makers. The problem with the drainage system will affect ice production and also damage the surrounding water system.

Brema ice maker- Inbuilt drain pump:

Brema ice makers can produce crystalline and attractive ice cubes. The average weight of the ice cube is 13 grams. The ice cubes produced by Brema ice maker will help you to improve the look of the beverages. For night clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, and café you can use ice cube machines of CB range.

CB425A-DP Brema ice cube machine can produce 36 kg of an ice cube in 24 hours. It also has a storage facility. It can store 25 kg of an ice cube in it.

CB416A-DP is an underground Brema ice cube machine. It has the capacity to produce 33 kg of an ice cube in 24 hours. It also has a storage capacity of 16 kg in it.

In the drain pump machines, the drain system in fixed inside the machine without increasing the size of the ice maker. The hydraulic and electrical connections are also made as per the standard. The drain pump is will be provided along with the machine. If needed you can also buy the drain pump separately. The drain pump will work even if there is no current. It will drain the ice melted water through the drain pump. In case of breakdown, the seal given in the drain pump will protect water leakage. In the Brema drain pump, an ice maker pressure switch is used for managing the activities of the drain pump.

When the water level reaches the maximum level the pressure switch which manages the drain pump will switch on and the water inside the ice maker will be pushed out using the pump impeller. The water flows through the non- return valve and comes out of the ice maker through the drain pipe.

Maintenance of drain pump:

The drain pump must be properly maintained for better function. The filters of the ice maker must be cleaned once in two weeks and once in six months flush the drain pump. Once in a year do service by hiring a professional service person.