Before buying a house in 2022, you should know the basics of Vastu

It is special to you whether you are buying your first or second house. It should be ‘perfect. To add perfection, let’s take a look at some Vastu principles when buying a home.

Vastu is a space in which both God and man live together. For the home fortune and other doubts related to your home and love, you can check for Cartomanzia, they are the best in predictions and fortunes.

It’s a set of principles that can help you bring positivity and joy to your home.

These are some great tips to help you live a positive and healthy life.

– It is important to be cautious about what energy enters your home. This is an important aspect. It is important to buy a brand new house, not a used or second-hand house. A new house brings out positivity while an old house can bring in negativity.

– The shape of your house is important. You should consider buying a plot with a regular shape for your house, preferably one that is square or rectangular.

– As the main entrance, the building block entrance is taken into consideration. According to Vastu, you should choose the NorthEast or NorthEast entrance. Because afternoon sun rays can be harmful to your health, we do not recommend that you use the West or South entrances.

– Because of the potential for mixing energies, it is best not to share a wall with your neighboring house.

– According to Vastu, the center of an apartment should be filled with light. Avoid rooms such as the kitchen or toilets in the middle.

– Avoid buying a NorthEast-facing flat with a kitchen.

– According to Vastu experts, the SouthWest or South direction is best for a bathroom. Avoid having the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen or dining room. This could lead to some illness in your home.

– It is believed to be auspicious to have an open space in front of your house. This helps to bring in unlimited opportunities and scope in many fields. Avoid having trees in front of your house. They can block the opportunity for employment and jobs.

– NorthEast or NorthWest is the best direction for a kids’ room if you have children. It brings in natural light and allows for more natural light.

– As they bring in the morning sunshine, balconies, and windows that face East or North are better than those facing South. Avoid South and West-facing windows.

– The elders of the family want their pooja rooms to be perfect. Therefore, they prefer the room facing the NorthEast. This will bring you happiness, wealth, and prosperity. The East direction would make the pooja more powerful.

– You prefer to have the master bedroom facing South and the other bedrooms towards the north.

These tips will help you bring positivity and luck to your family, friends, and home.