5 Ways To Ensure Your Garden Is Safe For The Entire Family

Having a garden space can be remarkably valuable to homeowners, especially those who want their children to be able to enjoy time outdoors in an area that is full of nature or open for fun activities. While many of our garden spaces are likely to be suitable for families, there are a number of considerations that are less often thought about. These oversights may not always be common, depending on your local environment and home design but can nonetheless lead to a degree of risk.

To ensure that your family and home remain safe, and that your garden can continue to be enjoyed all year round, we’re sharing five essential tips for garden design that will minimise risk.

Identifying Plants

A common oversight in homes is failing to learn the types of plants growing in a garden. Some, such as nettles and ivy, might be obvious to most. However, others, such as hogweed and knotweed, can evade immediate recognition.

If such plants are not identified earlier on, they can become more established and difficult to remove, especially in the case of Japanese knotweed. Hogweed, however, while not necessarily detrimental to property, contains a sap that is harmful to skin and has been known to cause burns to children.


It is a good idea to learn how your garden collects water, especially in the UK where rainfall is rather common. Depending on your soil and concrete, certain waterways and pools can occur that are potential risks. Cold weather can expedite cracks with moisture and water can log the earth of a lawn, leading to muddiness. If these effects are not caught early, they can cause sudden issues down the line.

Those with outbuildings, such as sheds and log cabins, must also be conscious as to how they interact with water, with drainage being important for continued durability.

Access Routes

A common issue for families with gardens is accessibility. To be able to allow children and pets to roam freely, a garden must be enclosed securely. Most homeowners generally check their garden parameters when first moving in but fail to do so regularly.

It is an important habit to get into, walking around a garden once a month, to ensure that the weather, as well as local wildlife, haven’t caused any structural damage that could allow children and pets to escape.

Tree Surgery

Raising a family with a tree is a long-standing tradition that holds a great deal of importance to many, especially if it is also a fruit tree that brings an annual bounty to families. Since children will often like to play in their shade and even clamber up their branches, it is important that trees are surveyed to ensure that their integrity is sound. Branches can fall easily and suddenly, which is why a professional must be sought to ensure that, as a tree ages, it maintains its health.

Garden Furniture

Homes with outdoor dining areas and other garden furniture assets should ensure that they are stored properly. Harsh weather conditions can not only ruin outdoor furniture but also damage and move it. A number of homeowners each year find parts of their own property, or their neighbours, damaged by falling pots, tipped poles, and knocked over furniture.