5 Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Roof replacements are a necessary project for every homeowner, who truly cares for their home, to embark on. As important as it is, a lot of people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the roof. Other than defining shelter, the roof also serves several protective functions that may be hindered when it’s damaged.

However, you do not have to wait till you can see a gaping hole in your roof before you make the decision to replace it. Check out these five signs that let you know when it is time to take off the old roof and get a replacement. Before going for roof repair, they check the roof with Roof survey and if the team is not feeling satisfactory with your roof then you need construction for sure.

1. Curling/Buckling shingles

For roofs that have shingles, the first sign that it is time to get a replacement is when the shingles start to curl away from the structure. Buckling is also an obvious sign in shingles that calls for an as-soon-as-possible replacement for the roof. Check for curled or buckled shingles in your roof and if you start spotting shingle granules in your gutters, then you know for sure, it is time for a new roof installation.

2. Leaks

This is the easiest and most distressful way to know that your roof should be replaced. When your roof starts leaking, you should get worried. Look for wet stains along your walls or in the internal base of the roof. If your roof is leaking droplets in your home, you know it is time for a new roof.

3. Cracks of light

Strobes of sunrays from your roof into your home is only acceptable if you have a glass-modern style home. If your roof is traditional, you shouldn’t be getting external light. That is an obvious sign of a crack in your roof, which could result in leaking or worse damage so you should get a roof replacement.

4. Discolouration

The colour of your roof and its trimmings may wear down over time, which is natural because of their exposure to the elements. However, when you notice a strange discoloration in your roof that may be as a result of algae or chemical composition, it is time to change the roof.

5. Old age

You know how long that roof has been there, or at the very least, you know how long you have lived in the house. Old age will definitely tell in the standard of your roof so there should be no question when it comes to replacing an old roof, in order to avoid further damage and unexpected costs.

These are some of the best ways to know if your roof is ready to be replaced. For professional consultation, you can reach out to a roofing and construction company to get excellent services.