5 Proofs that it is Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows contribute in a great way to the overall curb appeal of a home. They are crucial to the comfort and safety of a building. Besides, they help to save money. In general, the value that windows offer is far higher than their cost.

However, your house may need window replacement due to certain conditions. As a homeowner, you have to keep in mind the state of your home. To remind you of the need to carry out a window replacement project in your home, we have compiled 5 signs that it is time to replace your windows.

Here are the 5 signs that it is time to replace your windows:

1. Increase in Noise Level

If you are disturbed by the noise outside your home despite closing your windows, that is a sign that your windows have lost their soundproofing feature. There is undoubtedly a loss of efficiency because your windows should shut out all kinds of noise. But when outdoor noise filters into the point of distracting you, you do not need a crystal ball to know that window replacement is the next project for you.

2. Draft Despite Closed Windows

When you feel breeze filtering in despite closing your windows, it is time to replace your windows. This implies that there are gaps, cracks, or holes on the windows, seals, or frames that allow the outdoor temperature to have an impact on the interior temperature by filtering in. Also, the internal temperature will equally escape through the gaps.

3. Rotten Frames

Frames help to maintain the integrity of windows by keeping them in their designed shapes. However, when the frames have become soft through rotting, the windows can no longer remain 100 percent effective. Touch the frames of your windows to know if they remain solid and undamaged. Any signs of damage point you to the fact that your building needs window replacement. Rotten frames make your windows vulnerable to collapsing quickly without much effort.

4. Condensation Between Panes

This sign is more noticeable in double pane windows. When moisture is trapped between the panes of your windows, there is nothing you can do to get rid of the humidity. Besides, the trapped moisture will make the window blurry. You, unavoidably, must replace the windows for improved efficiency. Contact an expert for a quote to get started with the window replacement project.

5. Hard to Operate

Opening or closing your windows should not because taxing issue. But when opening and closing your windows become a problem, you should realize that structural damage has happened to the windows. Good windows must open and close without any difficulties.