5 Of the Best Home Cleaning Habits

By building a series of good cleaning habits, and sticking them to religiously, you can help make your home as clean, tidy, and safe as possible for you and anyone else under your roof. 

Here are 5 simple house cleaning habits you can adopt today, for a cleaner, happier, healthier home:

  • Plan your cleaning in advance

Cleaning is always most effective when carried out in a top to bottom fashion, and by walking through your home and making a mental note of what cleaning tasks you intend to do, you can better plan each task for a more effective and time saving clean. Many people find checklists to be helpful, as they enable you to make sure you don’t miss any tasks, and can help keep you on track with your cleaning schedule. 

  • Always leave disinfectant sprays on surfaces

While you will of course need to wipe the disinfectant away at some stage, it’s really important that you allow the product to sit on the surface for the recommended amount of time, to ensure that it can disinfect the area fully and thoroughly. It’s also advisable to clean the surface of the debris before applying the disinfectant, and most products need to sit untouched for at least 30 seconds.

  • Don’t use anymore a cleaning solution than required

It’s easy to think that the more cleaning solution you use, the more effective it will be, but in the majority of instances, the opposite is in fact, true. Check product labels or use your previous experience to understand how much of each product you need to use, for each cleaning task, and you’ll find that this will save you both time, and money.  

  • Don’t scrub carpet stains

Most carpet stains can be gently blotted without the need for aggressive scrubbing, which can damage the carpet fibers and drive the stain even deeper into the carpet. Once the blotted section of the stained carpet has dried, you can use a stain lifter if required, to remove any remaining stained fibers. 

  • Use clean towels

Using the same cloth or towel for cleaning different areas of your home is a recipe for a cleaning disaster, as not only might you be spreading germs, debris, and bacteria from one place to another, but you won’t be able to clean each surface effectively. Have a pile of clean cloths and towels on hand when cleaning, and then wash them after each use to avoid any contaminants or grime from getting into the very fibers of the cloths. 

And there you have it; 5 simple but effective habits to adopt for superior home cleaning. Alternatively, you can hire a cleaning service to get your home clean and tidy, and sit back and admire their good habits from afar!