2020 Painting Color Trend for Home Exteriors

New paint for the home exterior is a great way to upgrade the curb appeal and improve property value. Home exteriors comprise multiple components like siding, trim, doors, shutters, gutters, and railing, which work together in bringing a cohesive feel and look. For exterior painting Denver chooses the following 2020 color trends.


The quiet and pale blue used decades ago has vanished. Today, blue is available in unique and bold shades including sea blue. It offers a stylish coastal feel. Crisp blues create a bold statement.


It is gaining popularity but limited to designer homes. Black trims or exteriors create a bold statement. Black does not need to be on the dark side it can be versatile.


Taupe offers a neutral feel with warmth, which cannot be available in gray or dark colors. When taupe color is used as a base then brown or red accents add a unique look.

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Charcoal Gray

Light Gray is a preferred indoor color so many people opt for dark gray for the home exteriors. It makes the home look stylish and sophisticated. For strong contrast choose dark charcoal gray with stark white trim.

Olive Green

Olive Green was a preferred color in the kitchen, which has gone out of date. Today, it has made a comeback but with different names and shade variations. Olive green with dark or black accents can give the home exterior look naturally, especially when your outdoor has plenty of shrubbery or trees around.


It is a bold and daring color, which needs a little care while choosing the shade. Avoid candy apple red! Dark shade with maroon or burgundy lines looks appealing.

Neutral for base

The trend is to choose a neutral color for the base. Choose vibrant bright shades to accentuate the neutral color to create a unique color splash effect. The dark trend is evolving!

Choosing the right kind of home exterior paint color is challenging. Plenty of homeowners are concerned about the bold exterior color results but at the moment they are a huge hit. If you are unsure what you desire, consult the professionals at Homestar Painting LLCGet their suggestions on ideal trendy color for your home exterior painting project for the best results.