10 Common Mistakes When Doing Your Own Plumbing

People who try to fix plumbing problems on their own can make several mistakes that can aggravate the problem. Here are 10 of the most common ones.

They forget to turn the water off

The number one step that should be taken when dealing with any plumbing issue is turning off the water. The last thing you want to worry about in addition to a plumbing problem is creating serious water damage.

Not having the right skills in order to properly perform a job

We know that you can find videos on the internet or do it yourself guides for virtually any plumbing problem. Understand though that experience is important as far as implementation goes. If you don’t have the skills to fix a plumbing problem, then you’ll waste time and energy only to end up hiring a professional anyway.

Using way too much drain cleaner

You never need to use too much drain cleaner if you feel the problem is related to something being clogged. A simple way to avoid this would be carefully reading the instructions for any drain cleaner you use and following them.

Doing plumbing work that’s not permitted where you are

The reason why this is a mistake is that the work you might try to perform can lead to negative effects on others. There are also instances where if you’re a renter you don’t have the authority to mess with any of the plumbing past a basic level (using a plunger to unclog the toilet, for example, would be considered basic level).

Putting together pipes that aren’t the right match

Putting together pipes that aren’t the right match can come from someone who is either in a rush or didn’t know how to properly select them. In either case, it can create problems on the front end as well as the backend.

Being too much in a hurry to fix a problem

If you’re in a hurry to fix a plumbing problem, then it’s probably because it’s serious right? It’s likely causing you a lot of problems and you want to deal with it right away. A quick fix might be the wrong fix though and not only will the issue reemerge, but it might be even worse than before.

Getting improper parts

Let’s say for example you need a new toilet and you have some idea of how to install it. What happens if you get the wrong toilet?

The other 3 commons do it yourself plumbing mistakes would include the following:

  • Making the connections way too tight
  • Not being able to remember how to put things back together with the right way
  • Not having the knowledge to properly diagnose what a certain plumbing problem is

Sometimes hiring a professional is the best fix and do it yourself can lead to more problems that will only make hiring a professional more expensive. That’s’ why we at Majestic Plumbers are here to help. We also carry out kitchen and bathroom installs. Visit the following links for more details: kitchen fitters Isle of Wight | bathroom fitters Isle of Wight.